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Welcome to Super Starts Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue jar

Mega Propagation from Micro Plants

With tissue culture you can grow your favorite plants in small glass and plastic containers in very small areas, saving space and light. Imagine cutting parts from your favorite plants and seeing them generate fresh shoots and roots before your eyes. A piece of Begonia leaf begins to grow new plants all over it soon after being placed in the growing media. The new plants explode with bushy growth energized by the sugar and hormones. In commercial applications, roses are flowered in tissue culture and orchid growers use tissue culture to speed up new growth of their valuable new breeds. Now you can employ these same techniques at home. Universities and research companies maintain expensive laboratories for multiplying their valuable plants and exposing their hidden genetics. The Super Starts micropropagation kit provides the tools and information to successfully do plant tissue culture at home. Check out our complete plant tissue culture starter kit for only US$253.00.